Boston University Trustee Scholarship

Boston University is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, and its Trustee Scholarship is one of the most competitive and sought after international students. The Scholarship includes full courses and a four-year undergraduate tuition fee. The Boston University Trustee Scholarship is open to international students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, leadership qualities, and commitment to community service. The Boston University Trustee Scholarship is one of the many ways in which the university is committed to making world-class education accessible to talented students from all walks of life.

The Boston University Trustee Scholarship 2022-23 in the USA is a truly unique opportunity that offers its recipients extraordinary educational experience. Boston University’s Trustee Scholars program is one of the most prestigious and competitive educational programs in the country. Each year, BU welcomes about 20 outstanding students to the program. The Trustee Scholars program provides these special students with a full-time scholarship, as well as access to world-renowned scholarships, independent research opportunities, and a supportive community of peers. The program is designed to challenge and prepare students for leadership roles in their future careers. scholars have become CEOs, doctors, lawyers, scientists and artists. They made a difference in the world, and they all started at Boston University.

Being a Trustee Scholar at BU is more than just having good grades. It is about being a smart and intelligent person who brings new ideas and knowledge to the table. It’s about being a person who isn’t afraid to take risks and get out of his comfort zone. Trustee experts are the kind of people who push boundaries and challenge the status quo. They are the kind of people who make a positive impact on their community. At BU, Trustee Scholars have the opportunity to make a real difference. They are given the resources and support they need to succeed. They are also surrounded by like-minded people who can learn and interact with them. Becoming a Trustee Scholar is an incredibly rewarding experience that can help you reach your full potential.

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Boston University Trustee Scholarship 2022-23 Details:

  • Country Scholarship Hosting: USA
  • Hosting Institutions: Boston University, USA
  • Scholarship Amount: Total tuition fee
  • Field Level: Undergraduate
  • Who is eligible? International and International Students
  • Deadline: December 01, 2022

Benefits of University Trustee Scholarship 2022-23:

  • Scholarships include full undergraduate courses and undergraduate undergraduate scholarships,
  • Scholarship is renewed for four years if certain criteria are met.

Eligibility Criteria for Boston University Trustee Scholarship 2022-23:

An international student must meet the following criteria to qualify for a Trustee Scholarships:

  • The candidate must be starting a course in any of the UG programs at the BU
  • The candidate must be in the top 5% of his or her high school class.
  • The candidate must have a GPA of 4.0 in high school.
  • Candidates must have more than 1500 SAT points and more than 33 ACT points.
  • The candidate must be expected to do well academically.
  • The candidate must demonstrate good performance in after-school activities and different contributions to the school and community.


The deadline for applying for the Boston University Trustee Scholarship 2022-23 in the USA is December 01, 2022.

How to apply :

  • Applicants must submit a General Application to be considered for admission to any BU degree program at BU.
  • Applicants at BU must complete a Trustee Scholarship article on Common Application.
  • Make sure you provide all the necessary acceptance requirements.
  • Please follow all instructions carefully and submit your request.


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