Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships In Heidelberg University Germany-2022/2023

Details about the Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship:

Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships In Heidelberg University Germany-2022/2023. These scholarships are awarded to international and German students once a year at the beginning of each winter semester. Special students (talented and future students) from abroad and Germany were given this opportunity. This is for students who want to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in the field of MINT (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology) offered at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Heidelberg University courses are always sought after by students around the world.

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Host Country: Germany

University of Hosting: Heidelberg University

Programs: Bachelor and Master’s

Financial Benefits: Sponsored

Deadline: 15th July 2022

International students at the University of Heidelberg are regarded as superior and their ability is very high compared to students of other universities and institutions. This is due to the high level of education and research activities offered by the university. Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships In Heidelberg University Germany-2022/2023

The Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship is for you, If:

  • You are interested in computer science, mathematics, technology or natural science, and you may be better at your included file.
  • You submit your applications for the first MINT semester course.
  • You have not yet completed your studies or will graduate from Heidelberg University before starting your studies.
  • You are looking for a scholarship to support you from the beginning of your studies.

About Heidelberg University:

Being one of the oldest universities in Germany, Heidelberg University was founded in 1386 and is considered one of the strongest research universities in Europe. A comprehensive university, offering degrees in the fields of law, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and health sciences, including medicine. As for the admission rate of Heidelberg University in Germany, it is 16.3% according to information available online.

Speaking of Heidelberg University, it is ranked 54th in the World’s Best Universities. QS World University Ranking ranks university 64th in the world and 3rd in Germany.


Eligibility Criteria for Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship:

To qualify for this opportunity, applicants must demonstrate their eligibility. They can apply for the bursary if:

  • They are applicants for the Bachelor program in MINT semester 1 semester, and have not yet completed or will complete their university studies before starting their studies (MINT course must be studied at least 50% of the time).
  • They are applicants for the Master’s program at MINT’s 1st Semester, and have not yet completed or completed their university studies before starting their studies.

Note: Applicants, who have not yet secured a university place for the next winter semester for the 2022-2023 academic year, may still apply for a scholarship.

Financial Benefits:

Winners of the election will be supported by € 1,000 per month until the end of their course.

Required Documents:

There are certain documents required for uploading as well as applications for Bachelor and Master programs. Applicants should check out those documents on the official scholarship page (you can use the link listed below under ‘How to Apply for a Title’ at the end of the post).

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for Heidelberg University is 15 July 2022. It is advisable to submit applications early.

How to apply for the Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship:

The application and submission process is simple and straightforward. You just need to follow the instructions given on the official page. Applications will be sent to the Heidelberg University portal. Applicants are advised to submit their applications electronically. You need to first register an online application site during the pre-deadline application period. Fill in the details on the application form, download all the required documents, and submit your applications before the deadline or end of the application period. Visit the official website for all details of the application and submission process.

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