SNU Scholarships program 2024 (Fully Funded)


This scholarship program provides a chance to complete their graduate and undergraduate degree. It also fulfils the dream of those students who wish to study abroad. The Seoul National University has announced for Graduates and Undergraduates schedules for spring 2024. Operate for the SNU Scholarships Program 2024. The South Korean Seoul National University ranked 37 in the world and 7 in Asia. A lot of Fully Funded scholarships are open at Seoul National University. Global trainees from all around the planet can apply.

One of the largest weaknesses of Seoul University is that its application duration is very short. So you have to train your application copies for betterment. You can devote to the Bachelor, Master, MPhil, and PhD Degree schedules at Seoul University. We wish that you may apply for this scholarship to brighten your future.

Detail of SNU Scholarships Program 2024

Host University Seoul University
Host Country South Korea
Degree level Bachelor, Master, MPhil, and PhD
Scholarship type Fully Funded
Educational Year 2024 Spring
Last date 7th July 2023

Benefits of this program

  • Economic permission for academic costs.
  • Honour of value and attainments.
  • Admission to high-quality schooling at a prestigious university.
  • Networking prospects with like-minded people and experts.
  • Openness to various and multicultural domains.
  • Educational and skilled product options.
  • Improved educated and experienced stature.

Including Fields

Societies and Social Sciences:

  • Reflection of human conduct, culture, and organisation.
  • Focus on sentences such as account, principles, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics.
  • Diagnosing and analysing human backgrounds, social structures, and cultural wonders.
  • Concerning societal problems, ethics, politics, and books.

Wild Sciences:

  • Study of the genuine world and its wonders.
  • Fits penalties such as physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, and Biology.
  • Committing scientific techniques to comprehend the biological and physical laws tending the universe.
  • Finishing investigations, driving keeping, and framing theories founded on followed evidence.


  • Application of scientific and mathematical canons to create and construct systems, engines, and systems.
  • Disciplines have civil, mechanical, Chemical, electrical, and computer engineering.
  • Translating useful pains and improving technology and infrastructure.
  • Weaving creation, efficiency, and sustainability into format and building processes.

Medical Sciences:

  • Study of mortal health and conditions.
  • Contains fields such as pharmaceutical, pharmacology, anatomy, pathology, physiology, and public health.
  • Analyzing, ministering, and preventing illnesses through assessment, clinical process, and healthcare control.
  • Welding scientific truths with kindness to improve the well-being of people and wards.

The Arts:

  • Graphic and innovative disciplines surrounding visual arts, acting arts, and books.
  • Examples from artwork, statues, music, dance, theatre, film, and books.
  • Articulating ideas, feelings, and backgrounds through various mediums.
  • Prompting cultural thanks, aesthetic questions, and critical reflection.

Necessary documents:

  • Individual Knowledge and Study Plan
  • Two Letters of Suggestion
  • Transcripts or Capacities of Bachelors/Masters.
  • Fantasy of the Applicant’s Visa
  • Other Authorized Documents marking the Applicant’s Race
  • Forgeries of Both Parents’ Passport
  • Other Authorized Documents Denoting Both Parents’ Race.

How to Apply 

Must visit the official website to get more information.

Official Website


  • Are International students can apply?

Yes, students from any region can apply.

  • Is Seoul University public or private?

It is a public university.

  • What is the Required percentage at SNU?

It is different in different programs.

  • What is the minimum GPA at SNU?

3.64 is the minimum GPA.

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