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WHO, as the head of world public health problems, is executed to create a diverse pool of future heads in public health. WHO summer internship 2023 proposes a variety range of chances for students and recent graduates. It helps them to acquire an understanding of the technical and organisational programmes of WHO. It also improves their knowledge and experience in different fields, thereby donating to improving public health.

About WHO

WHO means ” world health organization”. It was founded in 1948 by the united nations. The objective of this organization is to provide equal health to all humans on this planet. It also provides funds for different natural incidents including floods and earthquakes.


  • Check if learners are qualified and established in their studies, talents, and likely assistance to WHO programs.
  • Match appropriate students to the honourable WHO programs founded on what they have analysed and what the programs require.
  • Give researchers luck to retain and develop WHO programs to improve their education.
  • Prompt researchers and WHO programs to labour concurrently and help each other.
  • Reanalyze how trainees are doing and question for feedback to make specialities better.
  • Include students from foreign study environments to make things more varied and reasonable.
  • Sacrifice internships in regions like transmission, superficial regards, and human help at WHO.

Details of WHO summer internship 2023

Institute offers WHO
Experience No need experience
Degree level Graduate, undergraduate or postgraduate
Eligibility Must belong to a WHO member state
Last date Open now


Benefits of the internship program

  • WHO supplies interns with insurance for medical and casualties during their internship.
  • The intern must have insurance early and after the internship, including the journey.
  • From January 2020, qualified interns can obtain money to assist them with their residence costs.
  • Interns require to fill out a structure to communicate any monetary help they acquire.
  • WHO will contain the report on the form to see if the interns limit in economic help.
  • Some responsible positions may give interns lunch coupons.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: Applicant must be 20 years old on the application date.

Education:  To allow for a WHO internship, you should be examining or have just satisfied a degree related to public health, medication, social sciences, control, administration, contacts, or external references. If you have spent three years of full-time reflection at a university or match, you can devote yourself to the internship within six months of achieving your degree.

Language: You must be proficient in at least one official language.

Relation: You should not belong to any link that is part of WHO.

Nationality: You must belong to a state member of the WHO.

You have not participated in the internship program of WHO previously.

Apply Process

  • Participants from any corner of the planet can apply.
  • To involve, visit the WHO Careers area and utilise the Stellis online recruitment procedure.
  • Internship classes are obtainable in different regions and classes.
  • Keep narrowing the internship carrier for new possibilities.

Official Website

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  • Is WHO a non-governmental association (NGO)?

WHO is a global association formed of a group of Member States, so it is not an NGO

  • How can I discover a report regarding a specific topic?

The WHO website features several corners that can be abused to find details by health topic, motherland, year or type. These are worthwhile places to start exploring an area of claim:

  • Who provides Scholarships?

No, WHO never provide scholarship.

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