PSC201 Midterm Past Paper By

PSC201 Midterm Past Paper By

What is a Model?
A model is an image of something real or total.
We need models to understand true information
Examples of models
Architectural models
Mechanical models
OR Models:
In the program text, models are used to understand the problem before starting to develop it.
We make Object-Oriented models that show a number of interactive features to understand the system we have been assigned to use.


A virtual university provides higher education programs through electronic media, usually the Internet. Some are brick-and-mortar institutions that provide online instruction as part of their extended university courses, while others offer exclusively online courses. They are considered a form of distance education.
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PSC201 Midterm Past Paper By
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PSC201 2019 Past papers

Q1: Briefly explain the Capitalist Ideology.
Q2: Explain different means of promoting national interest.
Q3: What is the basic difference between Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism? Discuss.
Q4: How do you see the role of Pakistan in Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in meeting its objectives?
Q5: Define sovereignty. Who hold the sovereign power in modern times?
Q6: Explain different means of promoting national interest.