PSY512 Midterm Past Papers By

PSY512 Midterm Past Papers By

What is a Model?
A model is an image of something real or total.
We need models to understand true information
Examples of models
Architectural models
Mechanical models
OR Models:
In the program text, models are used to understand the problem before starting to develop it.
We make Object-Oriented models that show a number of interactive features to understand the system we have been assigned to use.


A virtual university provides higher education programs through electronic media, usually the Internet. Some are brick-and-mortar institutions that provide online instruction as part of their extended university courses, while others offer exclusively online courses. They are considered a form of distance education.
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PSY512 Midterm Past Papers By
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PSY512 2013 Mid Term

What do you know about the differences found in communication with regards to gender differences? Write in detail. (5)
What is meant by sex roles? Explain with the help of examples. (5)
State briefly the gender differences found in bullying. (3)
How do you define sex typing? Elaborate.(3)
What do you know about Adrenogenital Syndrome? Describe briefly. (3)

PSY512 2013 Mid Term

Biological differences between males and females are found in three ways. Enlist the differences. (1+1+1)
Briefly discuss the biological determinants of sex-typing.(3)
What differences have been found in affiliation and friendship patterns of male and females? Write briefly.(3)
Salman, a psychologist, did not give importance to thinking patterns and inner feelings while dealing with a girl who was suffering from anxiety disorder. What do you think she should have given importance to her client’s inner feelings and emotions OR not and why? By keeping in view different psychological perspectives, analyze the given situation and logically discuss your view point.(5)
What is meant by agents of socialization? Name any two of them and explain in detail how these help us to socialize in our vicinity? (2+1.5+1.5)

PSY512 Past papers

There were 32 questions in total out of which 28 were MCQ’s
Some of the questions were:
1) Impact of culture on the gender development (3)
2) How has media helped men and women in socialization? (3)
3) Define and state the age span of Gender Identification, Gender stability and Gender consistency. (5)
4) Are men and women different in expressiveness and sensitivity? Give logical arguments to support your view. (5)