UMY Scholarships In Indonesia 2022 For International Student | Fully-Funded

UMY Scholarships In Indonesia 2022 For International Student | Fully-Funded. There is a piece of amazing and amazing news for all those students who are eager to make their ideas clear about learning in Indonesia. Applicants are now warmly welcomed to apply for the UMY Scholarships in Indonesia 2022. International students from all over the world are eligible to apply for this Fully Claimed Scholarship.

UMY Scholarship offers Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. level degree programs for all international students. Bursaries are offered by UMY for financial assistance and cover all research costs. There are many bursaries offered by UMY to get financial aid and cover the full cost of tuition. The University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta offers a full Indonesian scholarship for foreign students.

Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University Scholarships are designed to help students come to Indonesia and pursue their postgraduate studies. The purpose of this UMY Scholarship is to encourage international students in Indonesia to exchange cultural, educational and international relations between Indonesian and international students.

UMY offers many categories of scholarships such as Muhammadiyah UMY Hafizh Scholarship (Hafizh), UMY Achievement Scholarship, Muhammadiyah Distinguished Cadre scholarship, UMY General and Achievement Scholarship, UMY Excellence Achievement Scholarship, Muhammadiyah Doctor Scholarship, KIP. Each Scholarship category has different benefits. We encourage you to apply for the UMY Scholarships In Indonesia 2022 For International Student | Fully-Funded

Scholarship in Indonesia is a great opportunity for all bursary seekers to get a free education in Indonesia. Muhammadhiyah Yogyakarta is a private university and is listed as the second largest Association in Indonesia. The University was established in 1981 and served as one of the leading universities in Indonesia. For more information about Indonesia Scholarship please visit the full Article below.

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About UMY Scholarships Indonesia Indonesia 2022

  • Country: Indonesia
  • University of Hosting: Universities Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
  • Graduate level: undergraduate degrees, Masters and Ph.D. degree Program
  • Scholarship Award: Fully Sponsored and Partially Sponsored
  • Eligibility: Home and Foreign Students
  • Deadline: Vary for each Scholarship

Courses Offered:

Here is the list of UMY Scholarship courses in Indonesia 2022

For Masters degree programs:

  • Government Studies
  • Nursing
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Hospital Managers
  • The law
  • Managers
  • Islamic Studies

For Doctor Degree Programs:

  • Islamic Education Psychology
  • Islamic Politics

Scholarship Coverage

UMY Scholarships In Indonesia 2022 For International Student | Fully-FundedĀ  provide the recipient with the following financial services:

The Scholarship will cover student tuition and living expenses (monthly scholarship of Master IDR 1,500,000 and Ph.D. IDR 1,750,000).

Qualifications Qualifications for UMY Scholarships:

  • Required Language: English is a required language. Candidates must be able to demonstrate fluency in the
  • English language, without the special requirements specified in this declaration.
  • Eligible countries: Applicants from all over the world are eligible.
  • Candidates must be international (Students from all over the world are eligible)
  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in Master’s degree, and Applicants must have a Master’s degree in a doctorate degree.

Scholarship Categories

UMY Scholarships In Indonesia 2022 For International Student | Fully-Funded offer Seven categories, the details of which are provided below:

1.UMY Achievement Scholarship:
Mohammadia Yogyakarta Universities offer scholarship programs for new students. Selection criteria are based on grades 1, 2, and 3. More than 20 study programs are offered through the UMY Achievement Scholarship 2021.

For more information on scholarship open the link below.


2.Muhammadiyah Distinguished Cadre (KAUM) Scholarship:
This international scholarship is a scholarship program and is awarded to Muhammad cadres. All enthusiastic students with excellent educational backgrounds will receive a 4-year waiver. More than 20 major educational companies are available to study under KAUM Scholarship 2021

More information about this course is provided in the Official link provided below.


3. Hafizh Muhammadiyah (Hafizh) Scholarship:
The Hafizh Muhammadiyah (Hafizh) Scholarship is an excellent scholarship for students who want to memorize the Qur’an and will receive a full 4-year waiver. The Hifaza Muhammadiyah Scholarship 2021 has awarded more than 20 academic degrees to study at the University.

For more information on this scholarship open the link provided below.


4.UMY Excellence Achievement Scholarship (BPU):
All provincial, national or international students who have excelled in the field of education or non-academic are welcome to apply for this international scholarship.

The bursary will cover a full four-year tuition fee based on student performance during the study period. If a student is unable to keep his / her job, the bursary will be terminated after 1 year. There are approximately 24 major companies available to study under the UMY Excellence Achievement Scholarship.

More information about this course is provided in the Official Link below.


5. Muhammadiyah Doctor Scholarship:
All Indonesian students from Muhammadiyah / Aisyiyah Orphanage, Muhammadiyah / Aisyiyah Islamic Boarding Schools, and Muhammadiyah High School are encouraged to apply for the Muhammadiyah Doctor Scholarship.

This is a great opportunity for talented students who are financially weak and unable to study under a fully funded medical scholarship.

In addition, information about this study opens the link given below.


6.KIP-Tuition Scholarship:
The KIP Tuition Scholarship is organized by the Department of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia and is available to Indonesian citizens.

The bursary is a study aid and supports more than 10 learning programs.

More complete information about bursaries is provided at the Official link provided below.


7.UMY General and Achievement Scholarship:
UMY General Scholarships are awarded to students who have excelled in their studies while studying at UMY. However, the UMY Achievement Scholarship is a Merit-based Scholarship and is awarded to students according to their interests and qualifications, achievements in various fields, and employment in the UMY Student Organization.

More complete information about the scholarship is provided in the Official link provided below.


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