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University College Cork Quercus Talented Students Scholarships 2023

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University College Cork Quercus Talented Students Scholarships 2023

University College Cork Quercus Talented Students Scholarships 2023. UCC Ireland offers 3 Quercus Scholarships to enrolled students. These scholarships are for Innovation / Entrepreneurship for students registered on a Bachelor / Level 8 program in 2023/24. Only those students who demonstrate an exceptional level of excellence will be selected for University College Cork Ireland scholarships.

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University College Cork Quercus Talented Students Scholarships 2023 Details:

  • Scholarship Benefits: Partial Funding
  • Host Place: University College Cork
  • Study Level: Undergraduate, Masters
  • Subjects: Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management
  • Who Is Eligible: International Students
  • Host Country: Ireland
  • Deadline: 02/02/2023

UCC Quercus Talented Students Scholarships Available Subjects:

The following subjects are available for study under this scholarship program.

  • Business
  • Innovation management
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UCC Quercus Talented Students Scholarships 2023 Benefits:

  • Reduced input of CAO points (if needed)
  • Accommodation on campus
  • Waiver of the student allowance of €3,000.
  • Scholarship
  • Life coaching
  • Participation in the Quercus lecture series
  • Individual career counseling
  • Academic mentor
  • Innovation/Entrepreneurship Mentor
  • Invitations to relevant networking events
  • Flexible academic arrangements
  • Participation in relevant workshops/master classes

UCC Quercus Talented Students Scholarships 2023 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Meet the minimum entry requirements (matriculation) of their required Bachelor’s/Level 8 program, while currently registered students will need to achieve a higher distinction in their end-of-year examinations to be eligible. Applicants do not need to complete a related program to be considered eligible.
  • Be able to provide evidence of sustained involvement in innovation/entrepreneurial activities.
  • Have evidence of success and/or impact of an innovative or entrepreneurial nature.
  • They have the potential to develop this excellence in their chosen field
  • They have received recognition at a local, regional, national or international level.
  • You will be expected to act as ambassadors for UCC and the Quercus program regarding their participation in your chosen field.
  • Where there are equivalent levels of excellence, applicants who are considered to be most capable of contributing to UCC will be selected.
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Note: That Quercus Scholarships are open to students who are currently registered or applying for any Undergraduate / Level 8 program offered by UCC.

Also note that an applicant will only be eligible for a scholarship after receiving an offer of a place at University College Cork through the CAO or the International Office.

Application Process ?

To apply for a Quercus Scholarship you must:

  • Be either a registered UCC undergraduate student or an applicant for an undergraduate/level 8 program at University College Cork in 2023/24. (Note: applicants must also apply to the study program separately, e.g. through the CAO or through the International Office for applicants from non-EU countries).
  • Read the Terms Of References.
  • Please read the Application Instructions
  • Any applicant seeking feedback on their application and/or wishing to make a complaint about the Quercus application process, please read the following Feedback & Complaint Policy.


The application process for 2023/24 is open from Monday 7 November 2022 to Thursday 2 February 2023 at 4.30pm sharp.

Please email  with any questions