Exciting Job Opportunities at Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants in Riyadh, KSA

Are you an experienced professional seeking a rewarding career in the construction and engineering industry? Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants, a leading consultancy firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is looking to hire talented individuals for several key positions. We are offering immediate joining opportunities for those with a minimum of 5 years of experience in their respective fields. Join our dynamic team in Riyadh and contribute to landmark projects that shape the future of the region.

Available Positions:

1. Civil Engineer

  • Responsibilities: Design, plan, and oversee construction projects such as roads, bridges, and buildings. Ensure compliance with governmental regulations and safety standards. Coordinate with other engineers and architects for project specifications and progress.
  • Requirements: Proficient in AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and project management software. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

2. Architect

  • Responsibilities: Develop architectural designs and concepts. Prepare detailed drawings, specifications, and construction documents. Collaborate with clients and engineers to finalize design details.
  • Requirements: Proficient in design software such as Revit and AutoCAD. Excellent creativity and visualization skills.

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3. Mechanical Engineer

  • Responsibilities: Design, develop, and test mechanical systems and equipment. Manage the mechanical aspects of building services including HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection. Ensure project compliance with relevant codes and standards.
  • Requirements: Strong knowledge of mechanical systems and proficiency in CAD software. Ability to conduct complex problem analysis and provide effective solutions.

4. Electrical Engineer

  • Responsibilities: Design and oversee the installation of electrical systems. Ensure all electrical work meets industry standards and regulations. Troubleshoot electrical issues and implement corrective actions.
  • Requirements: Proficient in electrical design software and familiar with electrical codes and standards. Strong analytical skills and attention to detail.

5. HSE Officer

  • Responsibilities: Implement health, safety, and environmental policies and procedures. Conduct regular site inspections and audits to ensure compliance. Provide HSE training and support to staff.
  • Requirements: Strong knowledge of HSE regulations and best practices. Excellent communication and organizational skills.

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6. Civil Inspector

  • Responsibilities: Inspect construction sites to ensure compliance with engineering plans, specifications, and safety standards. Document and report any deviations or issues found during inspections.
  • Requirements: Thorough understanding of civil construction practices and standards. Keen attention to detail and strong observational skills.

7. Mechanical Inspector

  • Responsibilities: Inspect mechanical installations and systems to ensure they meet project specifications and regulatory standards. Report any deficiencies or necessary repairs.
  • Requirements: Extensive knowledge of mechanical systems and installation procedures. Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

8. Architectural Inspector

  • Responsibilities: Inspect architectural elements of construction projects to ensure they align with design specifications and standards. Document and report any discrepancies or quality issues.
  • Requirements: Deep understanding of architectural design and construction processes. Strong attention to detail and ability to interpret design documents.

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9. Electrical Inspector

  • Responsibilities: Inspect electrical installations and systems to ensure compliance with project specifications and electrical codes. Identify and report any electrical issues.
  • Requirements: Strong knowledge of electrical systems and inspection procedures. Excellent attention to detail and analytical skills.

Job Location: Riyadh, KSA

How to Apply:

If you are interested in any of the above positions and meet the qualifications, please send your CV with the job title to the following email:


Join Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants and be a part of a team that is committed to excellence and innovation in the engineering and construction industry. We look forward to receiving your application!

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